CoralTree Affiliate Program

Welcome to the CoralTree Affiliate Program!

Congratulations and welcome to the CoralTree’s Affiliate Program. We are excited to have you on our team! 

The Affiliate Program was designed to help you build relationships with your clients, colleagues and attract prospects. We’ll help build your toolbox and offer Affiliate only benefits to your clients and colleagues.


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Marketing Materials

We've created exclusive sales and marketing content to prove to your clients that you truly are the trusted advisor. Feel free to share the direct link.



Introduction to Qbox - 

Check out our Intro to Qbox Webinar designed for small business owners who are looking to share files with their staff members and accountants.

Account Owner's Setup - 

Learn how to quickly set up your Qbox account with these step-by-step instructions. 

Highlighted Blogs

Can I Use QuickBooks with VPN? - 






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Highlighted Blogs

Sure to Win! Accountant Elevator Pitch Examples - 

The Role of Technology in Accounting Business Development - 







Qbox Affiliate Dashboard

Your Affiliate Dashboard is the center to your success. From your Affiliate Dashboard, you can view the list of clients that are associated with you. Your commissions will be calculated on the 5th of every month from these clients who choose to pay annually for their first payment.  You can setup your ACH for direct deposit for these commissions.

Accessing the Affiliate Dashboard: 

  1. Sign in to the Qbox Web Dashboard
  2. Go to the Admin page
  3. Select the ‘Affiliate Dashboard’ to view the list of options available


Affiliate Code

The Affiliate Dashboard displays your unique Affiliate Code. The code uses the format: “name – xx’. The Name field is what we used to identify your business and is most likely your company name or abbreviation. You can use your Affiliate Code two ways:

  1.     You can embed your code as a URL ( Use this link on forums, email blasts, or your website. When your clients click on this link, they will be directed to the Qbox website. They can then go through any of the webpages and watch videos. Once a client signs up, your Affiliate Code will be prepopulated and your client will be assigned to your affiliate account
  2. You can share your Affiliate Code with your clients. During Sign up, they will enter your Affiliate Code and will be assigned to your affiliate account.

Need more info?

Alfredo Pulido is your dedicated Affiliate Program Manager. He's here to help answer any questions, schedule personalized demos for your clients, and help grow your business with CoralTree products. 

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